BJJ-focused Swiss ball exercises with Humberto Silveira

10/24/2017    |    Written by: Carlos Arthur Jr.

Humberto Silveira.

One should never stop moving in life or in BJJ. In this spirit, Humberto Silveira of Shiozawa gym in Brazil has a different, effective workout routine that can loosen up your muscles and keep you nimble on the mats.

With a Swiss ball, a sense of balance and

plenty of creativity, the instructor performs shifting and somersaults to get all of his muscles going before and after a BJJ session.

Note that his motions are not random: it’s all based on fight scenarios like guard-passing, recovery and stabilizing positions on top. We encourage you to either take up this routine, or at least get inspired by it to make your own workout more fun.

Source: http://www.graciemag.com/en/2017/10/24/bjj-focused-swiss-ball-exercises-with-humberto-silveira/

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